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Swimmerpup has a confession.. I miss my 1985 Olds Custom Cruiser for all the reasons you have wanted a beater. This car had solid metal chromed bumpers.. and is a ramrod compared to todays plastic wraped overhangs which take their place. When there would be orange cones and barrels I used to bump them out of the way if they blocked my course. Now before you all drop dead of shock, no, I did not choose this car as a purchase.. it was my family's car from about 1990 until 1996 when The Grand Caravan arrived, the 240SX went, and the Oldsmobile was handed down to me.

How would such a gas-guzzling, 8-passenger carbureted beast be attractive to me today? While looking for a spot in the parking garage or lot, it may just clip that polymer bumper on the Explorer in the "sub compact only" parking spot. While driving through my condo complex, oops.. "I thought I felt something"... as my rearview mirror confirms the scraped "Durangaroo" parked in front of the "no parking" sign. And then there's that "Trailblaster" who's enjoying tailgating me... suddenly, though, they get an imprint of the wood paneled fanny in their front bumper as I brake for what I "thought" was a bunny rabbit.

Yes, secretly I've lusted after an Ameri-barge with its gleaming chrome bumpers. After all.. aren't bumpers made for bumping? :)

Colonel Sir Harry Flashman VC

You just might wan your Readers to go to where they can actually View those Mercury M-100's http://www.mercury-pickup.net/gallery/merctrucks instead of the Ford F-100's.

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